name: BioServer

category: Robot for Arcturus BioCloud

date: 2015

Kindly called "Igor" - honouring Victor Frankenstein Lab hard working assistant - the BioServer is an open source CNC-based robot that creates custom biological constructs by assembling pre-existing DNA parts and inserting them into bacteria. The idea behind robot is to create a machine that makes living machines (custom robot bacteria) which, for instance, can create new materials, medicine or fuels.

The initial goal of Arcturus BioCloud was to use the  BioServer to carry out all the genetic experiments submitted by our clients to our platform. Considerable efforts have been allocated to its design and construction, and most of our plans and documentation files for "Igor" can be found at Arcturus Forum:

The Development of Igor is currently stopped due to strategical changes at Arcturus BioCloud Business Model.