name: Pedro Terra LAB

category: Startup

date: 2010 - 2014

"Pedro Terra LAB"  was a manufacturing lab focused  digital fabrication. We started offering premium services of taylormade pieces for designers and artist but ended up researching new possibilities in open source hardware and hands-on design education. Projects such as "The Open Factory", "Open Source Furniture", "Thursdays Bike" and "Minúsculos" were born here.

The heart of our shop was a MechMate CNC that I builded with some friends. Our strategy to make it was very simple: we would meet at Fridays, drink a beer, chat a little and eventually do some welding. It took six months for the machine to get ready. The total cost was 1/10 of the retail prices in Brazil.

The videos on the left show the construction process.

Our LAB became a reference in digital manufacturing for furniture making and we were the case study of a master theses for the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo called "The Digitization of Furniture Design in Brazil: Trends and Outlook" written by Prof. Paulo Henrique Gomes Magri.

The thesis can be downloaded here.