name: Moitessier

date: 2009 - 2007

category: Personal Project

The first time I set foot in a sailboat I knew that I needed to learn how to sail. I didn't have money to buy a boat, so I downloaded some plans from the internet and started working on it. It took me two years to build it, but it payed off. I finally learned how to sail and it was in a boat that I had built myself.

I named my first sailboat "Moitessier" inspired by the french sailor Bernard Moitessier and his books.

At this time in life my goal was to become a sea captain. The four first pictures are from Moitessier I have added some pictures of other boats I built as well and even some of improvised repairs I made in some sailing trips.

Boats were also my introduction to digital manufacturing. At the time, I read something about a machine called CNC that was great for building boats.

A couple of years later, some friends and I built a very big cnc machine using plans we downloaded as well and It became the heart of Pedro Terra LAB.