name: Suwud

date: 2005 - 2008

category: Art Collective

During my years a the university I formed and art collective called Suwud with some other friends (Roberto Winter and Ricardo Birmann). Our work was mainly conceptual and would propose new ways of understanding information by exploring the boundaries between physical and digital.

In 2008 Prof. Tadeu Chiarelli (today head of director of the Pinacoteca do Estado museum) wrote a seminar about our work called "Why Art Today? The Suwud Inquiry"  for the third edition of the "International Seminars Museu Vale". It debates one specific piece called "Googorama".

An english translation of the lecture can be found here.

A good part of our production can be found in our website (, and I strongly recommend checking it out. The only thing I will showcase here are two items. The first one is short movie called "Video" and the second one is called "8FPS"